January Work Calendar! by BlueBreed

January Work Calendar!


31 December 2015 at 16:22:41 MST

Hello everyone! I hope that you have all been having a wonderful holiday and will
be having a happy new year as well! :)

I apologize for being so dead as of late, but I've been spending a lot of time
with my family and friends that I usually don't get to see while I'm in college
so not a lot of time for submissions :/

BUT as I've said before, I'm doing what I do for a living now - which means
it's time to kick off the new year by cracking a whip and treating my job more
like a job :) and that's where this calendar comes in!

Here is an explanation of the calendar:

Patreon days: Days that I produce exclusive work for Patreon
Commission (if any) or Patreon days: Saturdays I work on commissions,
or if I don't have any slots filled, I just produce more Patreon work
Upload Days: Days that I upload everything that I've produced INCLUDING ONE OF THE WEEK'S PATREON PICS FOR ALL TO SEE!

Here's to the new year! Thank you all for lending me your support this year, I can't tell you enough
times how much this means to me!

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