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Be worthy of your power! by Blue-Blazer1999 (critique requested)

Be worthy of your power! (critique requested)


While I love engaging in fantasies with my fursona, I still made him a superhero for a reason, and with the tools I have as an artist I'm glad to now properly show that. I almost considered scrapping this piece all together because I had such a hard time with the coloring. But luckily I didn't, and now I'm over the moon happy with how this looks!

A broken building with a trapped kid inside, and only Blue-Blazer has the possibility of saving him. A battle not with a villain or criminals, but of the hero's own will. A test of his conviction that will prove whether he truly deserves his extraordinary powers.

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    Found this through critique request!!! You say you had a hard time coloring but honestly, your efforts paid off because your hard work SERIOUSLY SHOWS SO MUCH!!!
    If you don't mind me asking, did you do this work with crayons or colored pencils, and what brand? I feel like your style and recognition of shadow placement would look amazing with alcohol-based markers like copics, but they are expensive. There are cheaper versions available that you can get as a set. I see that there is layering for shading used on this, and layering with alcohol-based markers works great with muscles. ^_^

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      Thanks for your comment!!!

      I used oil based colored pencils actually, I think they're called Soucolor? I got a bundle of them from amazon that had 120 of them. For a while, I didn't know how to use them properly (I just pressed them down on the paper trying to cover the whole thing but it looked messy), but then when I tried experimenting with putting less pressure on the colored pencils and how to account for shading and lighting I saw an improvement on them.

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        That is awesome! Yeah, value shading with pressure really adds a lot to a piece, right? :D I had a teacher that always told me to take advantage of negative space. I also like filling the page with colors though. ^^