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Keibin Family 2014 by blueberrysnow

Keibin Family 2014


26 December 2014 at 08:28:24 MST

A commission from Mephis for his family.

Text from his original post.

Every year, the Keibin family has a get together from their busy lives, and come on over to the Mansion to celebrate and enjoy each others company. Friends and family are always welcome! And some of you might actually recognize some of the faces here, and the usual shenanigans that might occur from their presence...

Here you see Desmond Fallout and Jason enjoying some oddly tasty cake, from some kind of ultra rare fruit. What was it called again? Draygen? Daygon fruit? Well,we'll see in due time...

At the card table, you can see me, my son Tatsu, Shiro, and Ash, the latter feeling the effects of warning I gave him a long time ago.
"Whether you win or lose, playing a card game with magical creatures, or those that have 'events' occur due to their presence, you will always 'lose.'"

My sister and brosis Miyuki and Sui over in the quieter corner just soaking in the atmosphere, and looking at the cold weather outside. With their kid and my niece yumina yumina waddling around wanting her bottle.

My 'drgn' and my sister Tarucchi enjoying an amusing conversation in the foreground next to the tree.

Now let's see! If you know who these people are, then you'll know a lot of the subtle references that's going on within the picture itself! Some though cannot be seen unless you zoom in really close... Can you guys point them out? ;P If you're lucky and guess them all, you might co-star in a commission from me in the future...

Characters © Their respective owners
Art © Blueberrysnow


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    I know just enough to know what kind of details I should be looking for, such as the dolls on the shelf, just about everything atop the fireplace, the "I <3 TF" mug, the glass of beer in front of Tatsu, a suspiciously-detailed ornament, maybe something about the shape of those stockings... heck, even the fire looks suspicious. However, the actual significance of those, and which ones are false positives, will be a mystery for the ages.