Keibin Christmas 2016 [Commission] by blueberrysnow

Keibin Christmas 2016 [Commission]


16 June 2017 at 15:57:00 MDT

Wow I shouldn't post when I am tipsy. Copied WAY to much of the other images info... -_-
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Copied from Mephia's Post of the image
"Hi everyone! Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and a Happy New Year to you all!

With all the new guests, someone decided to bring a spin to the usual festivities. After the snowball fights, and all the creative projects, prizes were awarded, and food was served, someone brought out a game of Cards Against Equinity. I felt something strange coming from the box, but didn't think anything of it! That is.. until we started to get points and lose points...

Certainly didn't help when my sisters husband popped in out of nowhere and... ... hm. I actually don't know what he's been doing but I swear something's up! Totally not because someone is warping reality/the world we live in as everyone and everything starts to look.... different. What's different? I don't know!

From clock wise, we have:

My maid/pet, Constance (Drakky) being dutiful and bringing hot cocoa for everyone. So good!
A new guest to the Keibin estate, and the parties, Aces-ris! (tf-sential) Eris! ... hrm...
Me, your lovely ki-ling Queen, Ember Song! Enjoying the festivities Hm... ... is... something ... off? Huh. Must be just me.
My sisters husband, Whimsy (RiotKaiser) I.. don't know what he's doing there, but he's probably playing a trick on something.
My dear sister, Miyuki, cuddling up to her hubby. How the two met, well, that's a story for another time. (Expect written works. ;3)
Another new guest to the Keibin festivities, Mercury Shine.(jaker) Embracing ponydom! Nothing wrong with that.
The lovely changeling queen enjoying her drink in the corner, would be Scarlet (ranokin) Nice to see a fellow queen. Don't know what she's smirking about, but I hope she is enjoying her refreshment.
And to the right, crocheting and still working on Christmas Eve... would be my dear Sui-san Sui-san. I wonder who that's for!
Next, being in the corner would be my bet neybulot becoming a... bit more festive. Nothing wrong with that! If anything it'd definitely help with the snowman building contest tomorrow!
And to the right would be Synergy, joining the rest of us!
And in the bottom right, would be some new friends that have joined this year, and his plus one, nillson and his friend, enjoying some hot cocoa.


I hope everyone had a good year, and I hope that everyone will have a good year next year!
Merry Christmas everyone, from everyone at the Estate, and a Happy New Year!
Use this time to think about the good times, the bad, and all things in between. Smile, say hello to long time friends, wish them well, and... well, you'd be surprised at how a few words of text can mean to someone. Couldn't hurt, right?

Art, Miyuki and Nemians © Blueberrysnow
Characters are copyright to their owners/players.
The Estate is copyright to everyone who contributes to the world, universe and events. Thank you to you all who participate!"