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Welcome aboard the Bluebell Bus Co. the new bus company founded by Omni and Met Metro. This bus line brings people and goods around the Pawbury Mountains.

The chief bus driver is Omni Metro who lives in a shoe with her husband Met whom she owns the bus company with, her grandma Chloe who is the head of her household and her goth sister Gretta who refuses to work.

Between Met and Omni they run the entire Bluebell bus network bringing people between towns and to the mountain villages. There are also commuter bus services within the town of Pawbury. As well as people these buses also sometimes haul parcels and supplies to the mountain lodges and bus stations.

Some of the content here was inspired by the English sitcom show "On the Buses" and it was, one could say it's that with a furry stance. Of course it also takes a fairy tale stance following up with Mother Goose, Chloe happens to be that old woman who lives in a shoe and has so many children that she didn't always know what to do some other Mother Goose figures might appear as well.

There's quite a ride to go on and I hope you enjoy the content here.

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Latest Journal

Pictures of Bartleby are gone

Dear Friends,

Recently I've decided to remove all pictures of Bartleby Steameroo and other character affiliated with him from my gallery here on Weasyl. If you want to see more of him you're more than welcome to do so on Furaffinity but as of now I'm trying to keep this gallery strictly to Omni and Daffodil. My goal here is to create a scenario involving buses and most characters here will have a bus related name like Omni who's name is derived from the word "omnibus" which means "bus" in German.

I'm still thinking of new things to put up here and so I'm hoping I'll come up with something soon. I'm trying to get back into drawing pictures of Omni and her friends and we'll see what comes of it. I might also start posting some more mature content although no porn or violence or anything like that but I don't truly believe in not including genitals since realistically all animals have them, it's the way we tell girls apart from boys. This is the reason I typically don't draw characters with no pants anymore.

So anyway that's the news for today and I'll be looking forward to seeing you all again.


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    Pawsome!!!! I am a model railroader and railfan and my dad got me into the hobby as a kid in the 1980s way before I became a furry. =^.^=

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