The Master Ball has Been Swiped! by Blu Dragoon

The Master Ball has Been Swiped!

Blu Dragoon

23 March 2015 at 02:50:18 MDT

Just head to the mining facility and through the big sliding doors and deep inside there you'll find the thief!
That's right! and do you you see that gun you carry around? Yes! Use that and put a hole in his head and retrieve the artifact to return it to it's owner!
So you'll take the job? Gracias!

Had a Nyanchat session with garyphon, vant_talon, and Allrights, and this is the result!

I forgot who brought it up, but during a slow start where we couldn't figure out what we we're gonna draw, Dora the Explorer was brought up, so that happened. Then I decided to draw my Starbound character, Anzu the Lucario! She looks a little bit under-dressed for fighting giant space monstrosities and probing for minerals miles underground, but HEY she gets the job done, so I'M not gonna question it!
Was too lazy to shade, and I'm still getting used to Nyanchat, so I'm not trying just yet. So has some nice flat colors, yay!
Also, it feels weird drawing a Lucario without the aura receptor dreads.