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[GIFT] - Book friends by bludermaus

[GIFT] - Book friends


Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, everyone! Here is Bludermaus speaking!

It has been a long time since I submitted any kind of picture here. I don't think I need to explain it, but I think it'd be nice of me to do it anyway. School is frustrating XD I have a lot of things to do, and this weekend is the ENEM. The translation would be something as "High School National Exam" or something similar. I'm tired right now because the exam was so f*****g hard XD Really, that exam is horrible, and tomorrow there's one more level to complete XD It'll have questions about : Portuguese ( my language ), English ( you could choose English or Spanish....well, my English is better XD ), Math ( \o/ MATH! ) and write a redaction! Yes, all that will be there tomorrow XD I just hope I manage to get enough points on this.
And there's also the fact that I'm on the last semester of the Web Design School. Writing an essay is so boring, programming in PHP and Javascript is so much easier ;=; At least, when I finish this, I'll have a little piece of paper saying I'm qualified in the art of making websites \o/ Now I can get money XD

Anyway, you're all here to see the pic, so let's talk about it now, shall we?
There's a little girl I've met, and she's amazing. I find her to be a sweet person and a being with a good heart ^w^ When we talk with each other, drawing ideas flow from one side of the screen to the other, so we're kinda helping each other unconsciously to surpass the art block =D Althought I don't quite need it, at least yet. Usually, my mind never stops, even when I'm writing PHP my mind is in drawings XD
And in one of our conversations we talked about books, and then we told each other which books we had :aww: And the I got the brillant idea to draw ourselves together reading books!!
And if you look at the pic, you will see that it's a little different from the usual things I draw, and I'm talking about the way it has been draw XP I'm talking about the lines and some of the shading. I'm glad she let me make some experiments with this pic, and I'm glad I got them right ;w; It's just not what I expected ;w; I'll be drawing more later, trying to accomplish what I tried here, make some sketches. If anything good come out of that, I'll submit it here ^w^

Well, that was it. Enjoy the picture, favorite it if you want to, and if you feel that it's necessary, also comment it. Have a good day, everyone.

Bludermaus ==> Me, of course =D
Linoqs ==>