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[RE] - Lovely feet by bludermaus

[RE] - Lovely feet


1 July 2015 at 21:29:19 MDT

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, everyone! Here is Bludermaus speaking!

First of all, I must tell you how surprised I am with the outcome of this drawing. At first I was like "OMG, how horrible...I just can't draw paws correctly (and let's be honest, I still don't". Then I was like "Oh, it's starting to be okay" to finally "Oh gosh, I'm happy with this". I must say that I'm not into this feet/paw stuff, but I have no problems drawing them if requested (or the future I mean), and I do loved the outcome of this one, it actually looks kinda cute, except for the fact that there's an ugly bat-feet there :v I's cute in it's own way, but kinda creepy's a feet slash hand BAH :u

This is a request made by Bradley-The-Blue-Fox over DeviantArt, a lovely friend that really likes my fursona's feet, and he thought it would be cute if our characters were "hugging" each other's feets like in the pic...and really, looks kinda cute (except for ahem bat-feet). I was afraid I would mess it up since I never tried to draw paws or give attention to them, so I'm glad with the result (I already said it a million times, but I cannot express how happy I am that it turned out okay!)

I'm really proud of the wings, really...that was the detail I am most proud of...I'm finally getting the hang of making better shadows and all that. Now I just need to figure out how to make it even more realistic, without doing it lineless...because...well...lineless is cool but too time-consuming. I just need to figure out how to give it a lineless aspect while still retaining its lineart. Maybe drawing with thinner lines? Well, I'll figure it out someday~

Enjoy the picture, favorite it if you want to, and if you feel that it's necessary, also comment it. Have a good day, everyone.

Art (and other character) by :bludermausicon:
Request (and character) by

PS: There's a friend of mine that asked for a paw drawing before this one...and I did this one first. If you're reading this, dude...sorry, maybe another day :u

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