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BnS - Inflatable Gorilla Fursuit by blowupnshowup

BnS - Inflatable Gorilla Fursuit


Hey you! Tired of getting lost of the jungle? Are you annoyed that lions are called"King of the Jungle" when they actually live out in the savannah? Perhaps you dream of picking up damsels and climbing your own Empire State Building minues the falling hazard. Well forget your kingdom and expand yourself instead with the BloWUp N' ShowUp Gorilla. This handsome balloonie brute is sure to make a scene where you go or climb. Oh how adorably initimidating you will be! Comes in all colors for creating your own vibrant Planet of the Kongs. Surprise guests at your used car lot when you come alive as your own advertising prop! Ten-galloon and a tie never looked so good.

Become Larger & In-Charger today with the BlowUp N' ShowUp Gorilla!


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    if you made this kinda stuff on second life. . .

    you would has all my $L

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    Omg! i like to turn into that gorilla!