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Fursuit Concept Design: Velred V2 by blowupnshowup

Fursuit Concept Design: Velred V2


What's this?! Where's the shine? Where's the squeak? Wait- we design regular fursuits too? Goodness gracious, it's been so long, I almost forgot. Ahem... The huggable bumbling belly belongs to Velred who is in fact out there but looking a little skinny. Since he's not a balloon, we had to fall back on pumping him silly full of polyfill. The operation is going great so far. Just a few more month of non stop snuffin' and this plushaderm will be waddling around at your local convention.

Velred is copyright Jitters (


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    Whow look at that big fursuit I think I am going to add it to favorites

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