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Fxy-My Fursona! (May 2021) by BloonFxy

Fxy-My Fursona! (May 2021)


4 May 2021 at 17:25:18 MDT

Also known as Foxy, Male, Fox, 18 (In human years)

Character Description:
He is an adorable little fox. He gets really exited whenever there's a balloon/inflatable in sight, and it doesn't matter what kind x3. He also loves popping them (in any way with his body), because it excites him a lot!

He is mostly happy and hyper. He is partly a femboy. Also, he is surprisingly dominant especially towards his balloons.

Loves- Balloons and cute furries!
Hates- Meanies.

Just to clarify, he is not related to or based on Tails Prower. He's based on a fox plush toy I used to love that was sadly thrown away.

He loves wearing high heels to pop balloons (because of their point). >w< He is also usually seen with a balloon.