My Ball! by blood-wolf94

My Ball!


25 July 2018 at 14:08:55 MDT

This took too long to finish, I'm surprised I actually managed to finish it. Usually if it isn't finished within 2 days I get bored of it.

I really need to get better at backgrounds, I didn't really know how to draw the background the way I want, So I feel like everything looks kind of weird now :P

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    This looks great. You have a very interesting way of character design with the extreme details on their bodies, and it's nice to see you draw something lighthearted for once. It's actually good to see Zero act a little playful and happy, especially since he is mostly sad and depressed in your drawings.

    Also, who said that backgrounds need to be perfect? Just think of it being out of focus compared to the characters. Besides, I think you did well enough setting up the environment and the lighting really suites the image. It's easy to know whats happening here.

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      Thank you :3

      For the background it's more that I couldn't draw it at the angle I wanted (to make it look more like their jumping) I did slightly blur it though so it would seem kind of out of focus