Zero has really bad anxiety and wants to die by blood-wolf94

Zero has really bad anxiety and wants to die


14 November 2017 at 18:54:29 MST

(I don't know why I named the picture that, it doesn't really fit but i don't care, it's how Zero feels)

I wasn't going to post this but i want to post things other than just the daily drawings (or daily scribbles because that's what they've become)

I drew this a few nights ago while watching Lilo and Stitch (I think). I was sitting weirdly in my chair and the sketch book was on an angle so the picture was leaning a lot to the side.
It was a picture of Red and Zero but i've cropped out Red :P

I think im going to fix the mistakes and redraw the picture

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    I am sorry you feel that way about yourself. Trust me, I understand that pain. There was a period of time when I actually felt the same way about myself. I hope you find someone nice enough to heal your scars.
    And I hope the same can go for Zero too, because it seems that your characters emotions often reflect how you feel as a person. The point is, even though I may not know you a whole lot, it still makes me internally upset that you are in so much emotional pain right now.

    I know this may not cure everything right away, but let this be a reminder that even others that here your cries for help can be concerned for you. I offer virtual hugs to you and Zero :) I hope you find more faith and happiness in yourself soon.