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[ADOPTS] Seafoam Leviathans by Blood Lord Skonia

[ADOPTS] Seafoam Leviathans

Blood Lord Skonia

these guys still need a home. comment to claim and i'll message you.

please read my terms of service here for do's and don't's about my adopts: TOS

Common Seafoam - $10
Uncommon Swampfoam - $15
Rare Crimson Seafoam - $20


Common Seafoam
Toyhouse Page:
Color: Aquamarine
Size: 3m.(10 ft.)
Details: Lives in seawater. Low proficiency in water magic. Actively seeks, kills and swallows large fish whole to sustain it for weeks at a time. Very nimble and active.

Uncommon Swampfoam
Toyhouse Page:
Color: Dark green
Size: 6m.(20 ft.)
Details: Lives in swamps. Average proficiency in water magic. Sits still just under mud or water to wait for large prey to strike. Wades slowly through both water and land and saves energy for times it needs to move quickly.

Rare Crimson Seafoam
Toyhouse Page:
Color: Crimson
Size: 17m.(55 ft.)
Details: Lives in seawater and lingers near volcanic vents. Average proficiency in fire magic. Prefers to eat schools of fish but can eat large prey as well. Average speed in water and on land.

Seafoam Leviathans are carnivorous leviathans under the classification of the dragon kingdom. They have similarities to their relatives of Serpentes and Selachimorpha (snakes and sharks.) Their lifespans can range anywhere from 30 to 200 years based on how large they are and/or how rare their morph is. They are waterborne creatures with ability to traverse on land in similar ways to seals. All Seafoams have a range of fin-like to arm-like front limbs and, rarely, back limbs to help it traverse on land. Almost all Seafoams are recognizable for their bio-luminescent bubble-like markings. As members of the dragon kingdom, Seafoams have low-mid tier water magic capability. Seafoams tend to bask in moonlight often to power their magic. The most common morph of Seafoams is the smaller nurse Seafoams that live in the oceans. There are more uncommon morphs that reside in swamps, oases, rivers, etc. There are some highly rare morphs of Seafoams in existence, albeit most claims have only been sightings. The only rare Seafoam that has been officially discovered is the Crimson Seafoam. Crimson Seafoams are the largest recorded morph, able to reach lengths of up to 18m.(60 ft.). Crimsons are rare as a predominantly aquatic species for they are able to manipulate fire magic while effectively living in water. It isn't unnatural for these leviathans to be born with a different element calling to them, but it is a very rare and beautiful sight!

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