Bansheebun Character Adopt (HOLD) by BloodLadenWolf

Bansheebun Character Adopt (HOLD)


11 February 2017 at 15:03:54 MST

$18 (Includes old First rendition) HOLD- Oniroy- End: 2/18

So you get 2 items: This character sheet, and the old image of my first rendition.

Banshee was an old character of mine that I just never got around to using in stories. He's a zombie plushy Bun who's lost one too many screws to put it lightly XD

You can feel free to change his name and make some alterations to him to give him some more personality.

Rules and TOS
Transactions will be made through paypal! You do not need an actual paypal account to make a payment through it. All you need is an email address and some form of debit/credit card. I send invoices so upon claiming your purchase I will need an email provided in your post, or sent to me through PM.
You can post it anywhere you like on any site be used in your stories, RPs, comics (webcomics included), making it your OC, etc., but you must credit me that I created the character everywhere you post the adoptable(s).
You can resell it for as much as you bought it for or less UNLESS you've commissioned and compiled art for it.
My signature stays on or next to the picture.
You may make minor alterations to the design, gender, colors, change the species, hair length, etc... (If you are unsure about the changes you wish to make please feel free to ask me via PM or Ping. I won't bite I promise ^o^)
You may purchase more than one.
I will hold for 1 week (7 consecutive days)
Adopts will be crossposted on multiple sites and are fair game to all! Unless it's been claimed it's ripe for the picking, so nab em while you can!

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