Dinofleurs - Specie information I by Blizzarderful

Dinofleurs - Specie information I


5 April 2015 at 07:54:27 MDT

Dinofleurs are a closed specie by me, Blizzarderful - thank you !

Closed specie, customs are closed at the moment. I want to do these little information sheets first. An other one is coming - more about the sub-species and more general informations... I also really want to do a master post of all the adoptables I've done. (Since I practically neglected Weasyl for these, so sorry!)

In the mean time, you can see all Dinofleurs I've done over this folder at my DeviantArt : http://camilledionbolduc.deviantart.com/gallery/53289136/DINOFLEURS-ADOPTABLES


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    Thats such an original concept! I really like it :3