Iron Artist ( Commission sheet ) by Blizzarderful

Iron Artist ( Commission sheet )


17 January 2016 at 09:45:55 MST

30-35 usd (For feral, animals and simple monsters) and 40-45 USD (For humans, anthros and more complex monster design) per commission - unfront on Paypal only.

Send me a commission request by note / mail, I will send you a Paypal invoice depending on your specifications !

One character only - I will do couples only though auctions or special commissions.
Stylized character (Like example), flat colored background - can choose palette, (simple) clothing, expression and pose - or let that to me !
No refunds after the commission is done - if I can't do your commission for any reason I can refund you though.
I can refuse your commission if your character / commission request is too complex for this style.
Tip is not an obligation. (If you want to tip you can, either: Tell me in advance so I add it up to the invoice or surprise me after the commission is done.)
Commissions are for personnel uses, not commercial - and only the commissionner is allow to repost his commissions through their websites / gallery for reference purposes. (With credits !

Unlimited slots, I want to get them done in order, one per evening depending on my week's work I will do 2-3 per week at maxmium.
Work days : Thursday to Monday. (I won't be working on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.)
Best way to reach me : !

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