2016 Price Sheet by BlitzyBitzy

2016 Price Sheet


30 January 2016 at 21:11:31 MST

All Sketches will be through Journals and with Iron Artist.
February's Iron Artist can be found here ---> http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/7347853/
Ref Sheets are also Journal Only
Examples are here

To add another character all you have to do is half the original price for a single char and add it.
Price may change due to complexity of characters.


--Commissions purchased belong to you, but you must credit me when they are used by you personally.
--You may not sell your commission for profit of your own unless that was the original intent upon purchase.
-- I have the right to post the image on my personal websites for advertisement.
--Your commission may be subject to a higher price due to complexity and detail.
-- I reserve the right to decline any request for whatever reason.
-- No refund upon purchase (But i can give some commission credit @w@)
--No cub,scat,no watersports or anything of that nature, no inflation, no diapers, (Will do light incest which means cuddling or anything cutesy, just not sexual)(You are allowed to negotiate, but when No is said, its no.)
--Only Micro/Macro Vore Please
--If you have any questions, just ask!
--Don't rush me, otherwise I may not let you commission me again.
--Fanart is allowed

How to inquire

  1. Message me the following form.
    Commission Type:
    Character Refs:

  2. You pay me. (Paypal Only)

  3. After I have the money, I will complete your commission.
    I will be willing to do minor color edits upon request.

I do not start your commission until I have payment.
Feel Free to ask questions below <3

Submission Information

Visual / Digital