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Stray Stars: Spyro by Blitzblotch

Stray Stars: Spyro


And my spyro au project continues. I was gonna submit Ember today but the history needs a little finagling.  Flame's species is called an Autumn Giant. Another well known kind of fire dragon.

Standing in the dark of a friend's shadow, was not how Flame would live his life. Flame would spend his youth trying to be like the charismatic spitfire that his best friend was, always wanting to step into his own light by using the glow that cast off of him but finding that he always would manage to somehow be forgotten.
Life for flame was dark and others took amusement from making fun of how much he wished to be like his best friend, pinning mean names to him, calling him fake and generally going out of their way to tease him. It was when his best friend needed to help him out from being locked up in the academy freezer by his peers. When left to step out from the icy insides, he would decide then to seek out his own light.

Finding his own flame would be a difficult task, Flame would find it hard to break out of the box and find himself. Flame would step away from following others and decide to join Valorguard and grow as a dragon. From his youth, he would become a sweet, charming adult with a bit of spark in his step. While still minding his manners and not ever stepping out of line to disrespect anyone, he would focus in his training and find himself climbing the ranks with respect from his commanders who saw a bright, young male with potential to push others out of their own shells.

Cynder - Spyro

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