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Hollowbrew and Alain by Blitzblotch

Hollowbrew and Alain


17 November 2020 at 11:06:25 MST

So I have two new cats for everyone tonight.

Hollowbrew-A clan cat that has gone rogue. She is considered dangerous, irratic, and always equipped with a plan. One has to wonder what she is really up to.

Alain- A cat living in the library with Nova, this cat is seen as rediciously large and sturdy. He is rather friendly with the twolegs that show up on his turf and doesn't mind playing with the younger ones. While Nova tends to avoid them.

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    What clan was Hollowbrew originally from?

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      Opps I posted the wrong file, we are not sure if we are gonna set up with the main cat clans or something slightly different. But Honestly, if I had to guess she would definitely be from shadow clan cat.

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        Lol Shadowclan always seems to have cats leave or just have bad luck

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          I know right,

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            Poor shadowclan :> I should make a shadowclan OC that actually stays in shadowclan lol

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              I'm with you there, I might, but my main focus is my barn cats, so if shadowclan gets spotted it's probably a medicine cat heading to some kind of moonpool or stone, or whatnot.

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                Mmm good ol’ medicine cats and barn cats.