New Species Concept by Blimpcat

New Species Concept


11 April 2014 at 18:16:36 MDT

just doodling some species ideas. i like it, though i'm never sure what's really appealing to others.. not sure if i wanna flesh this one out or not :la

what do you guys think?

ps. please do not steal my concept tyty

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    it's super cute, my only question about designs these days are clothing practicality... but I suppose with enough strapping parts that wouldn't be an issue! there are backless dresses everywhere arent there? xD these are adorable, if you flesh them out I'll definitely have to keep an eye open for them!

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      I'm actually not too sure if i want the wings (or whatever) to be attached to the body or not. they most likely will be though, which would leave the back bare yeah. i may design specific clothing for them if i pull through with it :u

      speaking of clothing, i was also thinking of designing some clothes for my other adopts! if people are interested in that kind of thing. but you make a good point about clothing struggles ;u;

      thank you! <3

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        (I'd be interested!)

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    I really like the tails on these guys for some reason, aw - on the whole they look fun to draw ;w;

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      ahh thank you thank you ;u; <333

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    I like the concept! They look super cute.

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      thank you ;u; i'm glad to hear people like it. i may consider making some designs soon