Fur the 'More 2014 by BlickFen

Fur the 'More 2014


5 March 2014 at 19:42:07 MST

This is what I'll be wearing. It doesn't have my name because fuck names, the composition is good enough without it and the tag given by the con will have my name on it anyway. Feel free to say hi!

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    HEY! I'm gonna be there! :D

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      We should hang out mannnnnnnn!

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        Yes, I agree! I dunno if I'm gonna be suiting the whole time, but if you see my dumb bull terrier running around, it'll be me. I dunno how these things work, really, but I would love to meet you!

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          I can be reached by email - BlickFen@gmail.com - at the convention, or with comments/shouts/notes on FA or Weasyl, probs. :U I dunno what your suit looks like!

          (Also I am scared of suits.)

          BUT. I am also very likely to spend a lot of time in the game room and stuff.

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          Also idk we can exchange ~digits~ through note or something IDK IDK but I'd be down with it.

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            That's fine with me! And ahaha, if I'm suiting I'll be sure to take the head off or something if I see you! :D

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    Oh sure, inconvenience people by making them stare at your OTHER badges when they could look at just one! D:<

    On that note: It's so awkward to try and look at people's badges and not feel like a creeper >.>

    Heh, I just came back from a con myself, so I hope you have a blast, man!