New Comic Darker Depths! by Bleats

New Comic Darker Depths!


9 July 2018 at 21:23:59 MDT

I'm happy to introduce a new comic I'm going to be rolling out on my Patreon, Darker Depths, a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style comic where the Heroes are chosen and their decisions made by the Patrons! Set in the Dungeons and Dragons multiverse on the homebrew continent of Djund. Plenty of high adventure and sexy content planned, so grab your dice and join me, Bleats, your goaty DM, for a fun adventure!

Voting has already concluded on our first character to determine gender, race and back story! To give you an example of the voting, this is how the polling looks for backstory:

Time to get to know our hero a little better. The continent of Djund is home to many diverse provinces and towns, from the rich trading city of Kar-Mathun with it's sand blown cobbles and spice filled markets, to the sleepy halfling village of Honeydale nestled between the mysterious Glamorgan forest and the savage Red Teeth mountains. If we asked our Hero, where would they say they are from?

  1. I don't have much in the way of blood, but the were-rat cutthroats of Kar-mathun are my family. I work the street corners as a rogue.

  2. Hogstead is a boring backward town, so I have to make my own fun! I work the lute AND the flute at the local Inn as a Bard and whore.

  3. I'm a Ranger from Kol. I've seen a lot of strange beasts in the cold northlands, the forests are full of were-beasts, giants and worse.

  4. Hi! I'm a Cleric of the goddess of love, Sune! Some in the cloister think I'm naive having lived in Tanis all my life!

Ranger was the winner of the class vote, as for the rest, more art is on the way!

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