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I Will Be Off of Art Websites for a While

on 27 October 2014 at 17:26:17 MDT

First off, I do want to explain the problem I'm experiencing on this website. Unless I'm using Google Chrome (which is being slow) on my mother's labtop, I can't reply to any replies that I may receive. I don't think that I'm fine with having to create another email account, use texting, etc. just to see if my problem can be resolved. For the record, in the morning I did notify an admin. Unfortunately, the kind admin's not able to assist me in that area. If I don't reply to you, I apologize.
Now, I will say where I'll be in the future. Sometime next year, I'll be on deviantART. I'm going to wait until I submit a MLA research paper for English IV. If you want to hunt me down in around that time.I might be a picture of Hyorinmaru(Bleach) or another anime character. I guess I'll just say goodbye.

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    Thanks for the journal fave.

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    Every time i click it, it just sends me to the top and doesnt let me reply... Do you know why that might be?

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      That's quite strange. That's never happened to me. I suggest trying to ask an admin.

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    I dont know how to reply! So hi! :'D

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      Every comment should have reply in the top right corner. I hope this helps. Hello!