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[c] Healer-archer moth lady by BlazeMG (critique requested)

[c] Healer-archer moth lady (critique requested)


Character design coloured sketch commission for Sasha

Well, it was supposed to be a coloured sketch, anyway. I went slightly overboard and it's more somewhere between a coloured sketch and full shading, whoops.

She has lots of character ideas and I'm happy to help realize them as best I can. Especially when it involves doing new stuff I haven't tried before. I hope I've done her justice! There might be more of her coming soon, too~

Also, if you're feeling particularly awesome, go vote on the Newgrounds upload perhaps maybe.


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    When you're doing something you enjoy, you can't go wrong. I find this to be an interesting concept. I have but one grievance and that is she's not real so I can't hug her. An excellent idea brought to life with your magnificent artwork! Be proud of your art & yourself. I hope your life will be filled with wondrous joy, peace, love, happiness, delight, and mental & physical wellbeing.

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      Thank you for your very kind words

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    I like it!