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Your reflection tells a different story by Blaze

Your reflection tells a different story


I know you see something different in your reflection.... you know you never want to change who you are but sometimes you can't help it... your down and sad because sometimes your abilities changes others. You don't mean to though... but you hate when others change their selves for you, when all you want is for them to act their self... you can't always trust someone because most people will try to play you for your abilities... so you watch your step... I can kinda understand it myself. Not all the time you look in the mirror and see something that pleases you... but something you know that's not right... something that mustn't be.
You don't want others to please you... you want to just be who they are. You love and respect their complaints but sometimes there a bit to much... you adore when someone says "I want to be great like you" though you don't really want them to like you.... you want them to be themselves. You want them to say something different like "I can be me and you be you. I'll look up to you but I still want to be myself then something different" when you see the potential and the pride in that person and their own words it would make you smile... not because of their abilities but for what truly comes out...

Blaze has done it again! Showing another art work and doing what she loves~! Hope you like

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    Bless This Picture And Its Description

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      Aw Thankies ;w;

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    Aaaa I already saw this few days ago but I have had too much things to do to stop commenting. So yes. you are quite right in that description there and I trully like the consept of this. You seem to gain more and more experience anyway in Drawing. Really good job here <3 Thanks so so so much <3

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      You're very welcome o.o I started noticing this stuff on Google plus and I see what you mean about people sucking up to you 24/7 it gets annoying... like words can't explain it. Though I'm glad you like it :3