I am a college student, buying up all the commission slots I think I can find! I would love to bring some of my characters to life and have a little collection of their reference sheets and badges that I can leaf through if I so desired! I am studying Chemistry in college. Human anatomy along with the intricate systems that help us function on a daily basis fascinate me to no end and the end result will be Forensic Pathology when I finish my schooling(both undergraduate/graduate degrees).

Otherwise, I love to post up poetry and talk to anyone who wants to have any sort of conversation! The only thing that really belongs to me is the poetry and some small doodles that will find their way up in my gallery! So don't be afraid to chat me up! Skype is usually on as I love to haunt it even during class(I know bad student I am! D: ).



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Roleplay Buddies?

on 18 February 2014 at 13:17:57 MST

I am in some serious want to have more roleplay partners. Especially those that enjoy long, intricate paragraph roleplays with sometimes more than one character at a time. Nothing too smutty, plot related smut is fine as long as it's not rushed and it just builds up. I like to use characters that will get involved with each other or someone else's characters. I have two monsters and one humanesque character I'm willing to use in these roleplays!

Please have some ideas you'd like to bring forward! I'd love to dabble in something adventure, war-like or any other theme we can come up with. I would rather you'd be able to roleplay right away! I have some other partners that I am waiting for until they are less busy but I would like someone who can start up near immediately. I prefer Skype over notes since it can work faster and it doesn't hurt to have some chatty conversation on the side. Who says roleplay buddies can't be friends!

If interested please send me a note or comment or anything really, with the character you'd like to use and we'll go from there!! <3

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