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2016 Summary of Art by BlacknYellow

2016 Summary of Art


Well, as 2016 is coming to a close and I've completed some artwork this month, I've decided it's that time again! It's time to look back and review my art in 2016! Boy, what a year, 2016, am I right? What a roller-coaster ride for sure! I'm not going to talk about the year in general though because I'm here for the art! I'm not here to talk politics or whatever other garbage, it's all about the art here. So let's look back at 2016 and what I've accomplished this year.

Quantity- Well, I certainly didn't do as much work this year as I did last year but to compare any year to 2015 is unfair, as 2015 was the year I decided to take on the daily sketch challenge and was successful in completing a sketch every, single day. I still managed to get quite a decent amount of work done this year, though. I got more drawings with full backgrounds finished this year than last, I finished a lot of my favorite illustrations from last year this year with some shading and such. I also started a new trend of going back and revisiting some of my best and favorite pieces from years back and redoing them. I have to say I got quite a lot done this year, though not near as much as last year.

Quality- Overall, I'd have to say I've made leaps and bounds in terms of improvement this year. Not only does it show in the reo drawings but even in the new ones, such as Rat Poison 2 and some of the new Calypso drawings, which I really fell in love with!

Differences- This year I did do two things I hadn't done since 2014 and that was 1, I finished a beautiful and immaculate 3D model of Brains that I textured and am planning on sometime this coming year, rigging. 2, I also completed some 2D animation, both of which were fantastic pieces that I absolutely loved and did a tremendous job on! It was nice to revisit these things once again and I still have my skills and have even done much better this year at those two things than any other year, previous.

Technique- I certainly have to say my anatomy, staging, expressions, color theory and shading has immensely improved this year. My background drawings also took a huge leap forward and I couldn't be prouder of all the hard work I've done this year and of all the progress I have made. I even changed up my software to Clip Studio Paint EX, which includes animation tools! I highly recommend it, it's an excellent tool and has helped my work a bit this year.

Overall- I've become faster, more skilled and my work has definitely improved many times over. I tried new things and kept making the same, lovable characters, which next year will be much more prominent! I sold a lot more commissions and started a YCH trend this year and went back to 3D modeling and 2D animation. I am so proud of all my hard work but most of all, I am thankful for all of you. Thank you to each and every one of you for all the comments, favorites, watches and your continued support over the year. I would not be here, if not for you. Thank you and I hope to have your continued support in 2017! Stick around with me and you might just see something new and exciting!

New Year's resolution- My goal for 2017 was originally going to be the daily sketch challenge again but I don't think I'll be free enough for that, however, I do have a plan. I plan to produce a drawing in at least flat color with a full background and at least one character, every month and this year, I would like to complete at least 3 more 2D animations and 3 more 3D models, fully textured. I also want to continue with the redo trend, do more fully shaded illustrations and complete model sheets for every single one of my characters, as well as adjust some of the other characters' model sheets. I think that's definitely a reasonable goal for 2017, don't you?

What do you think of my progress and art throughout 2016 and if you had to pick a favorite piece, which one and why? Comment, as I do sincerely appreciate and value your feedback!


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