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Trigger Brain Tickling Halloween YCH by BlacknYellow (critique requested)

Trigger Brain Tickling Halloween YCH (critique requested)


4 November 2016 at 04:13:40 MDT

This is the first of the new Holiday YCH's I'm now offering! Here, we have an anonymous character tickling Trigger's brain with a long, metal rod, dressed up as an alien and adding to the poor possum's torment by wearing his hat mockingly. He rigged up a mock alien spacecraft and painted himself green and wore alien antennae to fool Trigger into thinking he had been abducted by aliens, while scrambling poor Trigger's brains. This is part of the Halloween brain tickling YCH I'm offering up to November 15th! Here are the details if anyone else is interested in getting one of these

1st theme is Halloween so it will be brain play stuff. This means brain removal, brain surgery or brain tickling. You have a ton of options for this one and you can even customize it by having my characters, your characters or both wear costumes! I already have 1 slot filled for this one and you'll be seeing it soon and it will be the first sample! Options for this one are

brain tickling
brain removal/scooping
brain tickling
brain swapping
tickling feet too
choice of restraints
choice of costume on either or all characters
choice to have character in restraints naked
dirty or clean feet
wrinkled or smooth soles
choice of character: Trigger, Zipper, Joey, Calypso, MiniNova, Isaiah, Jack, Zak, Mack or Brains
Choice of character doing the removing, scooping etc.
Simple background
choice of table or chair

Dog jock belongs to Anonymous