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Kiryu in Glasses by Blackmoonrose13

Kiryu in Glasses


Commission info

Listen I am playing the Yakuza games (if you follow me on twitch or my youtube channel you can see video of me playing it and having fun....yes I will do art of Majima, soon it takes time people.

I like the looks of Kiryu who is the main protagonist of the series. And damn does he look I forget to read subtitles because looking at his face fine. Then there is bits he is in glasses and just Cat dot EXE has stopped working please give her a moment to refocus. Its just oh boy.

So in the style of those we see the hot handsome character with glasses in anime with all the roses around the border. I made this...and I would like to state I am happy with those roses, I havent drawn roses since I was like 15 and these are that bad, after looking up tons of rose images.