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Powerpuff Girls Grown Up by Blackmoonrose13

Powerpuff Girls Grown Up


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Yea, the live action show and the leaked script ticked me off a lot so I kind of wanted to do my take on it, I know so original everyone else has done that.

Before anyone asks why Bubbles is dressed in Pastel Lolita Fashion, I would like to state it is canon in the original series she reads manga, and if you are telling me she wouldn't get into anime and all that later on in life and learn about the fashion there and the love of cute things. You really make me sad and pouty.

Blossom is a more academic type, and also gender fluid, it just happens, they are also working on their like 6th masters degree, listen save the town a lot you are able to get a lot of funding for college.

Buttercup is just the greatest example of small and angry, the chihuahua friend, the badass who will and can hurt you if you mess up. The bad ass bi who you always wanted to be or have as a friend.