Professor Snape Pinup by Blackmoonrose13

Professor Snape Pinup


26 November 2019 at 10:44:01 MST

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Oh how to explain this... haha okay, so, I am going to be at a local science fiction-... well, okay, fandom Fair. The theme this year is magical school and mythological creatures. We all know it's Harry Potter based and They can't legally use Harry Potter for the advertising.

So, I decided in my moment of I am doing a booth this year darn it I am gonna sell art there. I decided to make art of Professor Snape, a character I love (well mostly the Alan Rickman Performance of unf) and decided to do him in, a semi pinup art style.

I am weird. Oh also if you look in the background you can see little jokes and Easter eggs and a reference to the game boy advance game. Try to spot them ALL!!

If you are going to Bartow SyFy in Febuary please come to my booth and buy this!