Shazam Day at the Zoo by Blackmoonrose13

Shazam Day at the Zoo


21 May 2019 at 09:02:16 MDT

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Seems Like Captain Mar...I mean Shazam (yea still not over that...damn marvel comics ruining all the fun) He is out at the zoo...where they have dinosaurs...I am okay with this kind of thing. -jurassic park theme plays in the distance ominously-

Sooo if you look at the dinos you can play guess the dinos from media I am referencing in the art...woooo fun for the whole family...I know 2 will be super well known and the 3rd on is from a semi-obscure book and tv mini-series that I swear no one knows about Dinotopia...I wish more watched that so I can talk about it.