Present Mic in Midnight heels by Blackmoonrose13

Present Mic in Midnight heels


15 January 2019 at 12:50:35 MST

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So for some reason...when looking up present mic images and suddenly your music player plays Click Clack by Rupaul your brain goes. "What if Present mic was in heels?" Now I know this is not a new concept I have in my folder lots of works of him in heels and I just wanted to add to the pile.

So I found a pic of a man in heels...that I can't find me...and used it as a ref for this image.

The setting will be like after doing hero work and relaxing and a few drinks later mic goes. "I bet I can walk in heels!" And stole Midnight's boots for this...and somehow in his drunken state, he is good....making both her and Eraserhead wondering if he does this alone at night. Then they just down more.

And if you are wondering why he doesn't have his long beautiful locks down...I had issues drawing hard to do long hair some days