Spy Medic Sweet Whispers by Blackmoonrose13

Spy Medic Sweet Whispers


20 August 2018 at 13:10:04 MDT

Lines by https://jealousyblood.tumblr.com/
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So...I will admit if you watch the speed paint video...I kinda wanted to do a Spy Medic ship piece of art and use this art cause this song (okay mostly the music video) and I would think about this pairing. I hope people know what I am talking about and see what I mean.

I just hope people like this.

I also tried some new portrait coloring as well as shading techniques. I am trying to improved my skills and all that.

hehe hoping to see if people will commission me with improved skills in coloring. Getting a job is so hard as an artist. I could so go into a long talk about it but no one wants to hear complaints and struggles of an artist.