Specks The Steampunk Owl by Blackmoonrose13

Specks The Steampunk Owl


20 June 2018 at 11:38:32 MDT

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As a gift to a friend Ray Ballard Jr. Who helped us during Hurricane Irma last year. I know I am a year late but with like my pc dying cause of Irma, then on life support, also my work in another semi more important projects. Just Stuff piled up and I am so sorry Ray for being so late. Really need to work timing better in life.

My brain: no you won't

So this is a drawing of his owl (a puppet) Specks that he has and uses for his steampunk cosplay. Sweet little owl and drew them in a similar outfit to what Ray wears...okay not 100% accurate but I mean it works and it's cute as heck I like to think!