I Will End Your Life Giovanni by Blackmoonrose13

I Will End Your Life Giovanni


27 February 2018 at 09:36:20 MST

Lines by https://soosh-zhu.deviantart.com
Lines sadly can't find them
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Happy Pokemon Day everyone Decided to share the art of Mewtwo instead of sharing Pikachu cause everyone does pikachu....okay id I admit I forgot today was Pokemon day and I had this in the backlogs will people not judge me as hard?

Wow, its come now one of the first arts I did and posted online in 2010...and hate everytime someone faves it...because oh my god there are so many mistakes and no shading and just like it sucks so bad in my opinion and I know I have improved a whole lot. So behold I have improved and now we can all see it. Now someone gives me an award or something.

Anyway, As you can see when you compare the old to the new I have shaded the piece as well laid back on the crazy lens flare and smoke effects that I would use to hide my lack in skill. I mean yes I still lack in the best skills but I improved in so many skills since then.