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Harley Quinn and Deadpool by Blackmoonrose13

Harley Quinn and Deadpool


Harley Quinn and Deadpool a combination that everyone wants to see in a crossover. I wouldn't mind it myself.

And behold I think this is my first work of Harley Quinn with the New 52 look as well as doing the Red and Blue. I always do red and black. I decided to do it that way for those who are like. "It has to be this way." And you know gotta you know to get out of the comfort zone.

A lot of people want them as a couple...we know it could never happen due to you know DC comics Marvel Comics. But I wonder would they work? I mean before we go Harley is Gay for Ivy....I think she is Bisexual and it has been Stated Deadpool is Pansexual so they could possibly. But its the personalities? I mean who knows?

You guys like it please tell me and follow me and all that give me support. I need support.