Deanna Troi by Blackmoonrose13

Deanna Troi


3 April 2017 at 11:08:54 MDT

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Deanna Troi from Star Trek The Next Generation portrayed by Marina Sirtis. Very lovey lady very empathetic very nice accent. I wonder how she would have been if she was my therapist....brain no time to think about this talk about the art.

So I will admit I had some issues, make up and I don't get along, most make up I do in real life is cap-stick and even then I forget to put that on. I hope I did it right if anyone has some tips please tell me....please don't say watch make up videos because my head hurts watching them because some how they don't really help me for some reason.

Back to the art, as per usual I did the galaxy background but this time I used purple and pink tones because I thought it could counter the blue on her uniform.