Belly Dancing Ganondorf by Blackmoonrose13

Belly Dancing Ganondorf


8 March 2017 at 10:36:07 MST

Speed Paint

For anyone asking about the music, its a cover of hips don't lie by shakira with the lyrics played by banjo. It was posted on tumblr and people pointed out how it sounded like it belonged in a legend of Zelda game.

Then my brain went. We should draw Gannon Belly dancing! So with the thanks of this wonderful Senshi stock providing stock art as reference I know its not belly dancing but its still cool. If you are wondering about the outfit this was a concept art outfit of Ganon I kid you not here it is If you have Hyrule Hystoria you will find it in there at least the wiki says its in the hyrule hyistoria.

So the image I attempt to draw The dark lord Ganondorf enjoying himself in the Gerudo Valley dancing and um entertaining the ladies? I mean he is the only guy there if he doesn't know how to dance. I mean think about it dancing and fighting is very hard and needing hard discipline in and fighting is like a dancing. There is even like a fighting style with dancing in it, its called Capoeira, Behold me knowing a thing!

Though they could just all be having fun relaxing and forgetting the day they had and just enjoying life! I always thought they would be like that you know pre the bad stuff.