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Suicide Squade Harley Quinn by Blackmoonrose13

Suicide Squade Harley Quinn


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Ah Suicide Squade Harley Quinn I have said it before and I will say it again. I am not the biggest fan fan of her design....It's not the sexy thing its a there is not a clown or circus motif in it thing.

Also I learned anther thing I figured out made me feel not like it. I was watching a video of actual colorist for dc coloring a page of harley quinn and he talked about it how there is a rule for harley how the colors must always switch. Suicide Squad its all red tones on one side and blue on the other. if the jacket switched colors it would look just fine possibly. I mean I will still not like it but it will still follow that little rule.

-breaths- okay after that tiny rant that people hate me talking about.