Zhanna Lifts Miss Pauling by Blackmoonrose13

Zhanna Lifts Miss Pauling


7 February 2017 at 11:55:57 MST

Lines by http://queendeedee.tumblr.com/
Speed Paint https://youtu.be/qf_mDeiQM-Y
Tumblr http://catluniscia.tumblr.com/post/156941676631/zhanna-lifts-miss-pauling-by-blackmoonrose13

Look at Zhanna lift her tiny girlfriend and look how in love little Pauling is!

Does anyone get like an Archie Comics vibe from the image. I could have colored it like that....did not think about till just now. I am guessing its due to the hearts they are Archie like.

For the background I went for a beach scene....Why yes I drew it myself can you tell? I am trying to do backgrounds. It is looking nice right? I mean better than a gradient right? Please tell me I did okay. I need some validation in my life please.