Komala by Blackmoonrose13



19 January 2017 at 10:07:00 MST

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Tabby would have wanted me to keep working and posting. Right ghost tabby?

So I am really REALLY Sorry about the lack of a full video. There was a small problem with the recording and I was idiot for not checking on this while recording.

So here is a Komala so cute so sleepy and a very odd pokemon....think about it its normal and shiny form look very similar and we are not talking shinies that look like the normal we mean exact minus the log....why is that? Shall we ever know about why the log is the one that changes and not the rest? Will the world ever know?

So I did this cutie all nice and cute and soft. Who doesn't love this cute little pokemon? This cute little Alola Pokemon from the Alola region who doesn't wanna snuggle them?