Quidditch by Blackmoonrose13



10 January 2017 at 11:00:14 MST

Speed Paint https://youtu.be/5CxO5Ms-eNM
Saddly no redbubble....thanks a lot...damn warner bros you guys used to be cool
Teepublic http://tee.pub/lic/2vrWjCO4tG0
Song used https://youtu.be/-mieXVkSGb4
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So there is this little contest from a little harry potter group and I am entering it http://harry-potter-fans.deviantart.com/ Representing Slytherin and all that oh yea.

So I based this on an old old pre the first harry potter movie coming out....or it did come out one of those two ornament I used to have. It was like Quidditch themed and I lost it and I thought why not make it or do something very similar from what you remember from your semi crap memory.

It had a broom and the balls from Quidditch and had stars on it and behold I made that. I decided to also add texture as well as making the trail of the Golden Snitch be little tiny stars. You know make it special or how they did it in some games or the like.

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