Heavy Weapons Family Holiday by Blackmoonrose13

Heavy Weapons Family Holiday


19 December 2016 at 11:12:21 MST

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The Heavy Weapon's Family are together doing some holiday stuff...out in the middle of the snow....because the bear is taking up most of the house and heavy weapon's mama is working on taking care of it.

The sisters where finally made and now I can do cute images with heavy's sisters....what better than do this cute Christmas scene that kinda makes no since....shhhh

So Bronislava in my mind always been adventurous and done crazy stunts and willing to sit on heavy to put the star on the tree. I don't know why I see her as the tom boy....While Yanna is the more feminine one sensitive loves to do cute things one, while we have Zhanna here who is a mix between of the two that is why she can look so sexy an feminine in that dress while able to collect ears and kick ass with a shot gun...or they are all like that and I am completely wrong....some one just give me a cookie