Photo of Young Lilly Evans by Blackmoonrose13

Photo of Young Lilly Evans


18 October 2016 at 23:32:23 MDT

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So Last year I wanted to redos of old art "Night of the living dead art" Yea....stupid I know. This one was one of those on the list. Have fun finding it.

I also know that Mrs Lilly Potter, (Back in this image Lilly Evans) was murdered on Halloween. So um this all works in my Halloween theme of works. Don't judge me please. So it's like the photo That Severus Snape had when he died (rip alan rickman) and or got splatted during her death never figured out the full back story all I know is I wanted to do Some Harry Potter art and I wanted to do my old photo technique back then.

So while sticking to near similar as the original coloring I did back in the day. I also did better shading this time as well as some better effects for the old photo and blood look. I Like to think it looks better in my opinion please tell me it looks better.