Quinzell by Blackmoonrose13



17 October 2016 at 09:40:32 MDT

Pencils by http://hakanlogan.deviantart.com/
Pencils http://fav.me/da2kfnd
Inks by me
Inks http://fav.me/dalfayf
Speed Paint https://youtu.be/LdKq-d92yvY
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Behold Harley Quinn's and the Joker's Daughter and as you can see she is just as messed up as her parents. Isn't that great?!

Look at what she is doing with her dolls and she is only in 2nd grade.

So While working on the art I tried to combo both of them. I did purple on her art and now notice she kinda looks like the Cheshire Cat and Annie from League of legends outfit colors wise should have thought better on that oops but Joker's color is purple. I also made her hair greenish like jokers but like more blondish green....um kinda like blond that got hit with lots of chlorine from the pool or something?

For the dolls if you get the ideas good for you. I did make the bear look like joker because I thought it would look cool.

The rest of the room I will admit I had problems. I am not good with backgrounds it seems. I really need help with that. Any advice.