Dorian Pavus and His Plush by Blackmoonrose13

Dorian Pavus and His Plush


15 August 2016 at 10:55:37 MDT

Lines provided from here
Speed paint
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So this my entry into #ColorMeSanshee

Dorian Pavus the good looking, swave, wonderfully mustached, sassy mage. (The power is in the mustache you know)

So tried to do it as close to his game character much white in this outfit and different shades of brown. -falls on floor-

Also why does Dorian need all this make up? It's like he is one of those make up channel. "This make up is simple and fun. First get your 500 dollar make up brush and then get these make up that you can only get online and cost a shit ton mostly due to shipping but I get for free because I am sponsored by them."

Please take that joke with the slightest of jest and parody because this girl doesn't watch make up channels and is not into make up and closest thing she has to that is chap stick she bought from like 2 or 3 years ago and really needs to buy new one.