She Hulk Vs Phoenix Wright by Blackmoonrose13

She Hulk Vs Phoenix Wright


8 June 2016 at 10:21:45 MDT

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The epic battle of the century She-hulk vs Pheonix Wright in the battle of the law! Yes Watching Pheonix and Daredevil in the court would be awesome to but we all know She-hulk would be at a better match at the OBJECTION!

So for she-hulks outfit I based it on Pheonix's common rival um -goes to wiki- Miles Edgeworth. This is where you guys find out I never played a single Ace Attorney huh? I am sorry don't have money for the games or the game playing device.

Any way I was pretty color accurate with this. I did have issues with the background. I still not 100% happy with it but eh what can you do. I tried my best.