Fine on My Own by Blackmoonrose13

Fine on My Own


18 May 2016 at 10:24:01 MDT

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So felt a little silent hill....This is according to the line artist's notes Heather Mason...Ready to enter once again in Silent Hill... So I am going to assume she is older or its more modern and she is ready to fight again.

So fun fact about me. I didn't see Silent Hill Revelation until after I finished this....I am very irked and unimpressed....she is nothing like Heather. If you played the game you know how she is and the movie is nothing like this.

Any way to the art. I stuck to the color pallet of Heather in the game. Adding her freckles and dark circles around her eyes just something I really loved about her character design it was something really new back in the day you know, something I really love too because, well if you haven't guessed it I have those and pale skin so sick looking people worry about me a lot.

As for the background did what looked very silent hill looking. Then added this aura halo of demonic like quality behind her you know for reasons it looked cool.

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